Reesor's Markets has some positive new ways to serve you during these challenging times of COVID-19

Dear friend,
These are indeed difficult and unusual times. Never in my 64 years have I seen or experienced anything like what our communities are experiencing now with the COVID-19 virus. I’m sure that it is the same for most of you reading this message.

I wanted to write to let you know how this pandemic has affected us at our store and production kitchen. For our staff, we have markedly increased the intensity and scope of our sanitation procedures around the store and in work areas. We as a staff also practice physical distancing as much as we can. We are producing new guidelines almost daily to meet the challenge of COVID-19.

As many of you know, who have visited the store recently, we have implemented some new store etiquette policies for customers, including hand sanitizer use upon entry and intentional physical distancing. 

We now have a new phone-in shopping service with curbside pickup. See our website for details. We have reserved 8am to 9am for seniors and other vulnerable individuals to shop. We welcome all our other customers to shop after 9am.

I am very grateful to live in a time where we have sophisticated scientific research and Canadian leadership at many different levels to guide us as we push back COVID-19. We know about physical distancing, frequent hand-washing, making sure a sneeze or cough is covered by an elbow or with a tissue (then disposed of), followed by thorough hand washing. We have facts that tell us to limit our social interactions to household members only……and all the rest of the health regime.

We are Canadians and we believe in science so let’s make sure that we follow all the public health guidance from the authorities!

It’s way too early to know if there will be any silver linings to this current challenge in our country and in our world. But I’m looking for one. It’s been my experience that often from very difficult and bad situations good can come. Let’s keep looking for those silver linings in the days, weeks and months ahead to keep ourselves and our communities encouraged.

Please take good care of yourself and please look out for others around our communities who may need your help.

Jay Reesor
Reesor’s Markets


On a happy note, sweet corn seeds have begun to arrive, ready for planting season.

A View From The Farm: Feb. 2020

Winter is here, but there are some signs of spring

By Jay Reesor

For me, winters just don’t seem as long as they used to be. Getting older seems to make time go faster, so even winters go by more quickly than when I was younger. My feeling of getting older and time going quickly may have something to do with the fact that I can no longer sing the Beatles song “When I’m 64” as if it is in the future.

Even though, according to the calendar we are just over one month into the start of winter, spring doesn’t seem too far away. With seed catalogues coming in and seed salesmen and farm supply people calling – that’s a sign of spring for me!

And isn’t it awesome how the days are getting just a little bit longer?
How encouraging! Until spring comes, I’m doing my best to enjoy this season and enjoy living each season as it comes.  Spring will come and it will no longer just be something to look forward to.

While we are enjoying this winter season, why not take some time to plan how you can perhaps grow a little bit more of your own food this year. Because, as I always say, the best food is the food you grow yourself.

It’s quiet time on the farm


by Jay Reesor

Mid-December is a very¬†quiet a time around the farm compared to any other time of the year. Sure, there are some things to do in the farm workshop and a few details to take care of at my farm desk, but with the last jobs in the field complete, it’s time for a change of pace. I am looking forward to doing those jobs in the shop and thinking and preparing for next season.

It is remarkable though how quickly another farm season comes around because in about two and a half months it will be time to frost seed the wheat field with red clover seeds to follow the wheat crop. And every year many farmers tap their maple trees in February. But in the meantime I am looking forward to the Christmas season with my family and enjoying the slower pace that winter provides me as a farmer. Wishing everybody a wonderful holiday season!