Coffee’s On

Reesor’s Café is open Monday-Saturday from 8am to 3pm with delicious espresso-based drinks, chai latte, tea latte, and hot chocolate. We also have our own panini, quiches and salads. Eat in or take out. Our brewed coffee is available all day.

Stop in and enjoy one of our Valentine’s hot drinks, such as the Sweet Heart Red Velvet Hot Chocolate or the Chocolate Strawberry Tea Latte.

Reesor’s To-Go Café

‘Tis the season for treating yourself to a delicious holiday drink at  our To-Go Café. We’ve got Jingle Bell Rock (peppermint mocha), Nutcracker (eggnog latte) pictured above, plus there is Blue Christmas (peppermint hot chocolate) or Oh Christmas Tea (holiday chai latte). Our café is open Mon.-Sat. 8-3pm.

Is it lunchtime yet? Try a delicious Reuben panini and a bottle of the latest beverage trend, kombucha.

Our new “To Go Café” at Reesor’s Market & Bakery is open 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Mon. to Sat.


Reesor’s Market & Bakery, Main St., Stouffville now opens one hour earlier at 8:00 am from Mon.-Sat.  So, you can pick up one of our new, delicious espresso-based drinks, a warm panini made on our own bread, grab one of our new brown bag lunches and do your grocery shopping all on the way to work.

We’ve created delicious new sandwiches that we grill to order in our panini press. Try turkey, cranberry and goat cheese; egg, ham and cheddar; or a flavourful Reuben panini. There’s quiche by the slice, lasagne, King Kale Salad, Mighty Caesar Salad and more! We’re looking forward to serving you.


Come on in for some hot soup


When you need a quick lunch please stop in to Reesor’s Market & Bakery and check which of our homemade soups are ready to go in our new soup urn. The $4.95 container might fill you up or you might want to add one of our sandwiches made daily in our deli, a wholesome salad or a coffee and muffin.


Celebrating mom!


Reesor’s has lots of ways to help you celebrate your mother this week-end:

💐 Beautiful cut flowers, large potted hydrangeas, colourful hanging baskets

💝 A wide choice of delicious Belgian and Fair Trade chocolate

🍰 Specially decorated vanilla cakes with cream cheese frosting or her favourite fruit pie or pecan pie.

☕️  If breakfast in bed is the custom in your house: pick up our multi-grain pancake mix, new crop maple syrup, free run brown eggs and some freshly roasted and ground Velvet Sunrise coffee and you’re good to go.

The lilies in this bouquet smell amazing.

The lilies in this bouquet smell amazing.

A gift of good food is always appreciated

Reesor’s Market & Bakery provides solutions to many of the people on your Christmas and holiday gift list. Whether you are in need of family, friend, employee or client gifts, we are here to help.


Week-end Breakfast Box, $75

We have seven gift boxes ranging in price from $30 to $100 or create your own custom gift box including your favourite Reesor’s baking, coffee, maple syrup or anything else in the store.  We offer 10% off when you purchase 10 or more gift boxes. We can ship your gift boxes anywhere in the GTA.

Consider giving our lovely gift certificates so your family and friends can pick out their favourite soups, casseroles, fresh produce, cheese, meat or flowers at their leisure.

Do you have vegetarians or people who are avoiding gluten on your gift list? We have a wide range of vegetarian and GF foods too.

Come in to see us at 5758 Main St., Stouffville or phone 905-642-2270 to place your order. You can see more gift boxes at:


Garlic Lover’s Delight, $65

Mar. 14 & 15: It’s our one year anniversary on Main St. & we’re celebrating with food sampling, lucky draws & more

We’re saying “Thanks!” to you, our customers, with lots of food samples, free coffee and offering special prices on some of our most popular items. Please come join the fun. Fri. 9 am – 7 pm & Sat. 9 am – 6 pm.

Five Coffee Tips from Clipper Coffee, Velvet Sunrise & Reesor’s


Store beans in a dark cupboard or cool dry place. Light and air will affect the freshness, so a glass jar with a tight lid or an air-tight container is recommended. Do not store in a refrigerator or freezer.

Lasting Freshness
It is best to consume roasted coffee within 30 days and use ground coffee within three days. Brewed coffee is best enjoyed within 30 minutes.

When to Grind
Always grind coffee just before brewing. Fresh ground coffee is an excellent way to optimize your tasting experience. So if you don’t have a grinder, consider purchasing one. Grinders are relatively inexpensive and worth every penny.

Using a French Press
Allow the water to come off the boil for a minute or so then add the hot water to the carafe.  Use a spoon to mix together the water and ground coffee.  Then place the plunger into the carafe and allow to steep for a few minutes. Press down carefully and enjoy.

Using great water helps you to end up with a great tasting cup of coffee, and to protect your brewer from damaging scale build-up. An easy way to do this without investing in expensive water treatment gear is to buy spring water, and distilled or reverse osmosis water from your grocery store and mix them 50-50. This will reduce the hardness of the spring water providing great taste for your coffee. The ideal hardness for coffee brewers is 150 ppm total dissolved solids (TDS), while for espresso machines, 80 ppm is best. Spring water sold in Canada lists the TDS on the label.

20% off on a Coffee Special Offer for readers of Reesor’s Local Goodness

If you mention to the cashier at Reesor’s Market & Bakery that you saw the Special Offer in this newsletter you will receive 20% off when you purchase Velvet Sunrise or Clipper Coffee beans from September 21 to 28, 2013.