A View from the Farm

So much to do….so little time!

Jay2 .jpg
by Jay Reesor
The calendar says it has been spring since March 21, but the weather didn’t seemed to get the memo. Here on the farm we’re trying to get ourselves ready for planting season. We are getting the oil changed in the tractors, putting new parts on the corn planter, adjusting, cleaning, planning….. We are getting lots of things done, but it’s a very long list! And wet, cold weather is not conducive for the the outdoor jobs. But I do know, that when the weather does straighten up and the fields are dry, we’ll be ready!

Growing food is a frustrating, amazing, difficult, fun, challenging and yet rewarding exercise. Here on the farm we can’t wait to get going on all the jobs. How about you? Doing some gardening this year? I hope that you can–because no food tastes quite as good as the food you grow yourself!