There’s Honey in the Staite House

If you are a fan of the honey we sell at our town market and our farm market we want to introduce you to John Staite and his family who have been tending their beehives close to home in the Mount Albert area north of Stouffville for the past 20 years.


John Staite with a swarm of bees that will be settling into a new hive.

This family of four share responsibilities in all parts of the honey-making from gathering honey in the bee yard, tending to their hundreds of hives with about 60,000 bees per hive, packaging and delivering their honey to we lovers of the sweet stuff. 

In their honey house they filter and bottle the golden honey ready for delivery.  Reesor’s is situated close enough to their honey house that we get frequent delivery of their beautiful, freshly bottled honey, bottled pollen, Royal Jelly and fresh honeycombs when they are available too.