Brooker’s Natural Meats

Tom Brooks the owner of Brooker’s Natural Meats in Schomberg, Ontario has established a unique way to bring Ontario meats to a few select stores.

Tom comes from a grocery store owner background and in 2009 began to envision a healthier way to eat than what has been available in the mainstream grocery stores. That vision helps him continue his labour of love providing Ontario meat to people who are becoming increasingly interested in their food sources.

Along with a team of farmers in Harriston, Ontario, Tom established a breeding program for cattle, pigs and chickens and hires these farmers to raise them on grass pastures and free-run chicken pens. The animals are raised as naturally and as stress free as possible and are shipped to nearby, provincially inspected facilities to make sausages and cuts of meat to Brooker’s recipes. Tom’s philosophy about meats is, “If it doesn’t need to be added—then don’t add it.”

At Reesor’s Market & Bakery in Stouffville we offer a range of Brooker’s Natural Meats including chicken sausage and chicken burgers, pork sausages, and beef hotdogs. All of our Brooker’s meats are gluten-free.

We are loving their chicken sausage on the BBQ and loving the short ingredient list: chicken, water, salt, raw sugar, parsley, chives, leeks, garlic. You can also try their Mild or Hot Italian, Honey Garlic, Spinach Feta, and Oktoberfest pork sausages or the nitrate-free pea-meal or sliced bacon.

Brooker’s chicken products are made from chickens raised using no hormones, no antibiotics, no pesticides and fed on a diet that is 100% organic. All are raised in a large, ethical, well-ventilated environment with free access to the outside.

The pork products are made from pigs that are allowed to forage and root through the grass for everything they need to be raised naturally. Their pasture diet is supplemented with a 100% GMO-free organic grain feed.

Even the Brooker’s beef hotdogs are gluten-free and nitrate-free and made from cattle that have a diet of 100% grass in the summer and grass silage during the winter months.

Brooker’s individually seals and flash-freezes their meats and you can store them in your freezer for up to six months to a year with no danger of freezer burn. Look for Brooker’s Natural Meats in our white freezers.