Preserving food and preserving the land

Have you been enjoying our popular “Country Flavour” jarred peaches and wondering who does the work to can those delicious “Baby Gold” peaches?  Melinda and Edna Brubacher are the young women who started Country Flavour in 2008 and who keep Reesor’s supplied with jarred applesauce, cherries,  chili sauces and other preserves.  Their home with its separate, small-scale commercial cannery is located in Ariss in Wellington County near to the town of Elmira in Waterloo County.

The Brubachers have already been busy this summer canning beets, zucchini, and asparagus and are now starting cucumber pickles.  Most of the food they preserve comes from their own or their parents’ garden and other farmers in their area. Their busiest time is still coming when the three sisters and three other friends will be canning peaches in the very warm and steamy cannery.

Edna is happy in her work. “I enjoy making all of the different products for our customers and I like working with my sister Melinda,” she says.  She’s also pleased that another sister is now working with them too.

Because they preserve local produce it means they have to can or freeze the fruits and vegetables during the Ontario growing season, but the Country Flavour kitchen is busy year-round. In the winter they use the frozen fruit to make jams and jellies and to make their very popular pickled eggs.

With so much supermarket food now imported from the US or China, Reesor’s believes that it’s important to keep demand high for peaches and other fruits and vegetables from the Niagara Region and other parts of Ontario.  This can help maintain land for agriculture and keep small-scale businesses such as Country Flavour viable supplying Ontarians with locally grown and preserved food through the winter as an alternative to imported, out of season fruit.

Because Melinda and Edna are members of the Old Order Mennonite church they don’t own a car or truck to deliver their jars of preserves.  Salome, the manager of Reesor’s Market & Bakery, drives   to Country Flavour a few times a year to pick up boxes of preserves to bring back to to Stouffville.  Salome enjoys the journey to Ariss going along the back roads and seeing the tidy farms and gardens of the Old Order Mennonite families.  She likes visiting Edna and Melinda because they are such friendly and down to earth people.

The Country Flavour cannery is on the right.  A family member’s horse and buggy is waiting out front.

Old Order Mennonites are Christian, pacifist believers who have kept many traditional theological and lifestyle practices.  They do adapt technologies that are required by regulation and practicality, such as the Brubachers’ commercial kitchen equipment that would be the envy of most home-canners.

The cannery in the Country Flavour commercial kitchen.

Part of the beliefs of Old Order Mennonites includes not taking photographs of themselves, neither men nor women. So, we can’t share a photo of the sisters.

Next winter it will be like a breath of fresh summer air to be able to reach for a jar of Country Flavour preserves and know that it comes from Ontario and the careful work of Edna, Melinda, their family and other Ontario growers.
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