The View from the Farm – What Inspires?

by Jay Reesor

Before we opened our new store late last winter, we went through a significant process to come up with a name for it. After all, it was a new location and we were planning to offer more than what we had offered at the old location, and so Reesor’s Market & Bakery was born.

We also wanted to have a defining catch phrase for our shiny new store. After lots of deliberation and guidance from our friend Leslie Boctor, “Growing and making good food”, came into existence. I really like our new slogan because I believe it describes so well what we do on our farm and in the kitchen and bakery of Reesor’s. It’s even inspired me to create a little jingle to go with the slogan that I sometimes hum while I go about my work.

I am the head grower at the farm with the responsibility to produce the good food in “Growing and making good food.” My staff and I all work very hard at planting, cultivating, weeding, monitoring and caring for all of our crops including strawberries, sweet corn, tomatoes and squash. We take pride in producing delicious, nutritious produce that we are proud to offer to our customers.

An example of why I am particularly pleased to call the food we grow “good” this season is the fact that because we have learned to find ways to incorporate more clover into our sweet corn crop rotation we now will have healthier soils to produce healthier crops. That’s pretty exciting and I think helps to make for really “good food”.

It’s interesting how a few words can inspire and “Growing and making good food” has certainly inspired me to continue to search for new ways to make food that nurtures us all.

What words inspire you?