The View from the Farm

Jay Reesor on the Farm

by Jay Reesor
Have you ever noticed how March is always windy? Well, I haven’t noticed it yet this year but March is still early and I know it’s coming. Those winds are a sure sign to me that spring is on its way. Besides the longer days, another sure sign for me is that the birds sing early in the morning. This means it’s time for me to migrate from doing desk-work to preparing to work outside in the farm. Seeds have already begun to arrive. Tomatoes and pepper plants have been ordered from the greenhouse for planting in May. In early April we will begin to take the straw off of the strawberries so they can soak up the sun from our longer days. Then April comes in with a bang…. the fields are dry and ready for the first corn planting. Then it’s time to get the berries planted and the peas and…. the 2013 growing season is on!

Do you like to plant and watch things grow? Do you enjoy seeing the first sign of young beans in your carefully tended plot? Or even better picking that perfectly red and ripe tomato and eating it right there in the garden? I know I do. If you garden, I hope you have a wonderful planting season. If you have never gardened, why not give it a try this season? And remember, if you want to know your food, the best food is the food you grow yourself.