It’s Good to Know Your Food:

David & LeaAnne Voisin with their family

Meet David & LeaAnne Voisin of Voisin’s Maple Syrup


For over 20 years Reesor Farm Market and now Reesor’s Market & Bakery has been providing our customers with maple syrup made by the Voisin family in their sugar bush in Formosa, Ontario in Bruce County, about an hour away from Lake Huron. Current syrup-maker David Voisin’s great-grandfather George Voisin started the family syrup-making tradition by putting out 50 taps on his maple trees and boiling the syrup in an old fashioned sugar kettle.

The Voisins have just started tapping the 2013 crop and LeaAnne reports the first syrup is a very light colour with excellent flavour.  “It’s always exciting to start the maple syrup season and sample it hot off the evaporator. There’s such variation each year in regards to the taste of the first run of sap, ” she says. This is LeaAnne’s favourite time of year with “the incredible sweet smell that lingers in the air on our farm.”

They currently have a total of 9000 taps and pipes to gather the sap from the maples. Brothers-in-law and nephews and nieces work in the sugar bush during maple syrup season, tapping the trees, checking lines and trucking in sap from holding tanks.  LeaAnne and David’s teen-aged son and daughter help out in the retail storefront and with the boiling down of the maple syrup in the sugar kitchen. The evaporating room attracts neighbours, family and friends this time of year who enjoy coming out to see the maple syrup being made and enjoy a sample of warm maple syrup.

Over the decades the family expanded and modernized their syrup production by tapping more trees and adding efficiencies to the process. Voisin’s Maple Products was formed in 1989 and David and LeaAnne built a new “sugar shack” housing a 5’×12’ evaporator for the processing of maple sap and a small sugar kitchen allowing for the production of maple sugar candy and maple butter.  By the year 2000 they had outgrown that sugar shack and a large, modern facility was built along with a much larger kitchen area and packing room accommodating a wide range of gourmet maple delicacies now produced by the Voisins.

We are pleased to carry Voisin’s maple products knowing that they take great pride to produce high quality maple syrup and maple products. We carry a complete line of Voisin’s Maple Products from sugar to syrup to maple butter in bottles, cans and in a variety of sizes.